New Beginnings

Sometimes Foxxy will write here, but right now, it’s me, and I feel like bragging (a little). I’m so proud to officially announce the launch of Flaming Hearts Media, a company I’m starting with one of my favorite humans. The two hearts — ours — are also a light-hearted nod to an inside joke related to our respective tattoos (her, as the perpetual heartbreaker, and me, as the perpetually heartbroken).

I have known Foxxy for the entirety of my career in the adult industry. When Grooby was still based in Hawaii over ten years ago when I first started, she was already a superstar in our industry. Like her fans, I knew her through her scenes and the content she shot for us. We didn’t meet in person, however, until way after the Grooby office relocated to Los Angeles. And for a while, she didn’t seem real. In the same way that many of the superstars I now call friends (like Domino Presley or Morgan Bailey, just as an example) didn’t seem real even when they’d visit the Grooby office with Buddy Wood in my first year of living in LA.

I actually can’t remember when Foxxy and I officially met, although I do have a distinct memory of her immediately welcoming me to dance with her, her best friend Carmen, and her mom at an AVN party. She planted a big hello kiss on me and I went back to my room with lipstick all over my cheeks. You know, I think that’s just a small part of Foxxy’s charm, the way she is able to make you feel as if you’re old friends immediately.

Since then, our friendship has been aging like a fine wine and it’s been fun watching her as her brightest self at work events. Foxxy has always been generous with her time and resources with folks in our industry. She offers support and advice to other performers from a place of sincerity and kindness. In many ways, but particularly in this way, we are very naturally aligned. I also believe in the sharing of resources, building equity, and the importance of community. The idea to partner together to create a business felt like a very natural step in our friendship.

Flaming Hearts Media (FHM) will offer OnlyFans and social media management, in addition to PR services, marketing, brand development with me, and mentoring with Foxxy. For our trans performer clients, we are also partnering with Grooby to offer folks an opportunity to use their Grooby content on their respective OF accounts (among some other cool perks).

With over 35 years of experience between us, FHM is a unique opportunity for us to share our professional expertise with our community. We’ll be rolling services out in the coming months and are now accepting new clients on a case-by-case basis. Fill out our contact form to submit your interest and to learn more.

I am excited about the adventures ahead. It’s been a wild ride so far.


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